i have blue outlined stars tattooed on my arm..?

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Question by a_l_k_a_l_i_n_e_trio: i have blue outlined stars tattooed on my arm..?
what would look good with that? i want to make it a half sleeve.

i also have a kottonmouth king symbol on the inside of my arm next to the tattoos if anyone knows what that looks like.

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Answer by Bunny
what do your stars represent? strength? If so how about Atlas holding up the world?

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Can anyone help with a tattoo design idea?

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Question by Risk: Can anyone help with a tattoo design idea?
I’m terrible at drawing and not super creative, unfortunately. I was wondering if anyone had some ideas, links to pictures, etc. that could help me design an original tattoo incorporating something Canadian (obviously there’s the maple leaf, but if you have other ideas I’d love to hear them!) along with a rose. I’d like to try and avoid the Canadian flag and I don’t want something cheesy looking. I’d also like it to be fairly small though I’m not opposed to larger designs.

The idea of something representing Canada and a rose together signify something very special to me and I would love to be able to put something beautiful on my body to symbolize that. I have no idea where to start though, so if anyone has any ideas at all, please share! I’ll be very grateful.

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Answer by Veggie girl
you could get a baby seal, i know that a lot of them are clubbed up there for their fur.
the skin wasn’t made for hats, it was made to keep the baby seal warm.
i know you may not support the annual seal clubbing that goes on in canada, but since you’re getting a canada tribute tattoo, im assuming you might be a citizen, so you should speak out against this cruelty and injustice

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Tattoo removal suggestions?

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Question by Kristen: Tattoo removal suggestions?
I have a tattoo with my ex boyfriend’s name on it. We have been broken up for over a year and I have moved on but my current guy has a problem with it especially since he things I still have feelings for my ex and he thinks that’s why I won’t get it removed. but the truth is that it’s too expensive. Is there anyway to remove it without going through the expensive laser surgeries? Or can anyone think of a word that means something that I can cover it up with? It’s on the side of my leg right below my knee and it says Eli, with a rose below it and it’s probably about a couple of inches wide. if you need to know what it says and looks like.

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Answer by wimmercool
it’s not surgery, but what there starting to do in fil tatoos with skin colored ink, you could always do that.

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Sean Stewart jogs shirtless while showing off tattoos

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Sean Stewart jogs shirtless while showing off tattoos
On Monday of last week, Sean was seen out and about with a young woman called Shara in Los Angeles, having been pictured getting close to another young lady in February. But though he has been stepping out with women closer in age to him, it seems …
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I Will Never Cover Up My Tattoos For Anyone Ever Again
There are many negative stereotypes that people in this country use to label those who have tattoos – especially women with tattoos. But, people who adhere to these stereotypes are ignoring the fact that humans have been decorating their skin since the …
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The Professional Prejudice Against Tattoos
Imagine: A woman walks into a corporate job interview and her arms are covered in tattoos. Now, imagine another woman with no tattoos, but rather, apparent breast implants walking into the same interview. They are equally qualified for the position
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FOOT TATTOOS – Foot Tattoo Designs – Tattoo Body Art for Fee

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Find more @ http://tinyurl.com/7lpbh5k Find your Dream Tattoo from a Compilation of the Best Tattoo designs in the World.Get inspiration from browsing 1000&#…
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Tattoo questions (price etc with a picture)?

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Question by 小傅: Tattoo questions (price etc with a picture)?
I am 16 and I always wanted a tattoo ever since I turned 14, saw this guy with this really cool tattoo of a blue star on his back hip. I really don’t wanna wait but I don’t know anywhere in NYC that do underage tattoos.
Anyways, here is a picture of what I want:


I have some questions:
1. How much does it hurt to get it done on ur back hip on a scale of 1-10?
2. What’s the average price of a small star with color on the back hip ?
3. What does everyone think about that particular tattoo?
4. What’s the downside of a tattoo?

Sorry I have so many questions lol.
Idk why he have it , i don’t know him

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Answer by morganthedog
1.) ehhh for that particular tattoo (I think the bigger the tattoo, the more pain) a 2.
2.) $ 50 because of the shop minimums they charge.
3.) It’s a good first tattoo. Easy to hide. Small.
4.) It’s kind of simple. It would be better if you could figure out a way to spice it up a little bit. Add little tiny bat wings or something.

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Tattoo on my hand for my 16th b-day?

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Question by Shiritta B: Tattoo on my hand for my 16th b-day?
For my 16th B-day im getting a tattoo that resembles a henna tattoo only its permanent.

I chose henna because it is used in cerimonies for
-Coming of Age
-Right of Passage

i have put together pictures of some henna tattoos i found on the web

Any suggestions or ideas are welcome

But know this: I am dead set on getting it on my hand.

(also:i want a thin arm band and i want it to reach up to my..
-Ring Finger
-Index Finger
-Middle Finger
And i want the inside to match the outside . i love the top right picture, but i like how it reaches down on the bottom right)

Do you have a tattoo on yout hand…did it hurt badly?

you can answer that seperatly

most helpful gets 10 pts.
mizz kelly i love that one too, i want a writs band leading up to my finger.

i just wanted opinions about the pictures and im still open to what all of you are saying.

I understand the “you’ll regret it ” but believe me i am a diffrent type of 15 going on 16 year old girl.

that why my mother is letting me get the tattoo in the first place.

thankyou “sharee-ree” for your encouragement I agree with the job interview thing

and who ever suggested a “tramp stam insted of a hand tattoo

should consider their selfs abit unexperienced to give advice.

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Answer by Rubber Punk Whoop
dude, no. Youll regret it in a few years

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tattoo removal help!?

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Question by Ronnie: tattoo removal help!?
I got a tattoo that I really regret and I would either like to remove it or cover it up with something else. I was wondering if anybody that new of any places that did tattoo removal or would cover up a tattoo. Also I was wondering if you guys new prices, because I heard tattoo removal is quite expensive?? Thanks!

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Answer by Hayliee
I would talk to an artist at a local shop, preferably a hole-in-the-wall private owned one, as they tend to be more customer friendly and altogether more knowledgeable about modifications. Depending on the colour, size, and location, they may or may not be able to cover it, though depending on the size, the price might be outrageous. What you could try is an epidermal removal cream specifically made for tattoo removal assistance. My friend that owns the shop I work at recommended one to me called wrecking balm. I didn’t believe it would work, but he added another type of special cream for me to use with it. I don’t remember the name of it, but I was able to break up enough of the colour pigment after four months to only have to have 2 laser sessions to remove the rest of it. Considering the majority of the work I had removed was green, which is the toughest colour pigment to remove, I would have had to had about 8 laser removal sessions without the wrecking balm, so I saved quite a bit of money and ended up getting rid of a nasty tattoo for under $ 250. I think your best shot would be talking to an artist and seeing what they recommend.

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tattoo add-on ideas?

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Question by player number 1: tattoo add-on ideas?
on my ribs i have a tattoo thats reads “everything’s not lost” in chineese up and down. it was inspired by the coldplay song. i am interested in adding on to the tattoo with something like an image or something in the background. any ideas?

don’t give a response like “other ppl shouldnt give u ideas” or any of that. i just want an idea it doesnt mean im gonna get it.

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Answer by cindy_lou
well since its kanji i would say water/wind marks and maybe some cherry blossoms, especially with wind. (like flying in the breeze) if you do water you could do some koi fish swimming around/through the words. koi fish come in many different colors so that would make it vibrant. i think both of those ideas would go very well with the meaning of you symbols. i would say a tiger or dragon but that seems harsh for such a beautiful phrase.

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i wanna get a tattoo but what will people think?

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Question by giannis the Greek: i wanna get a tattoo but what will people think?
im 16 yrs old and wanna have a tattoo(not big )medium size.
im supposed to be the kind of serious guy who will dress with shirts etc
if i get a tattoo will i look baddash or smt like that?
i want to have a tattoo but will it spoil my image
if its fine also tell me some good designs and spots to put them

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Answer by Happy Thoughts
Get the tattoo in a place that can be easily covered, Your back – side- upper shoulder. I have one and its hidden- so I can cover it if I need to. It works out better that way.

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